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Queen Studios

Wonder Woman Shield Life-Size Prop Replica (Metal)


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Estimated Release: July 2023 - September 2023


*Some Queen Studios products that we offer may have been previously released. Open Vault Collectibles has only recently been authorized to offer Queen Studios products. Previously released items as well as upcoming releases are expected to arrive at our warehouse location in 30-90 days.

Many Queen Studios items that we have available will have a marked down pre-order price, as well as an additional 10% discount for full payment option.


Queen Studios' artists have a strong reputation for their attention to detail and creative design.

Each limited edition movie prop replica is exclusively available for discerning collectors and fine art enthusiasts looking to add a decorative touch to a room.


Crafted out of metal, the quality and detail speaks for itself. From the rich golden colours in the centre, to the matte black finish, the Wonder Woman Shield symbolises elegance and strength.


In keeping with the classic aesthetic, the stand is artistic yet simple. The center features the iconic Wonder Woman eagle surrounded by the the rocks of Mount Olympus.


  • License: Warner Brothers
  • Material: Metal Shield and Polystone Stand, Leather-look Straps 
  • Size: 49.5cm (L), 17.8cm (W), 58cm (H)
  • Edition Size: 600
Wonder Woman Shield Life-Size Prop Replica (Metal)

Wonder Woman Shield Life-Size Prop Replica (Metal)