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Prime 1 Studio

Transformers: Beast Wars Premium Masterline Megatron Transmetal 2 Deluxe Version Statue


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Estimated Release: October 2023 - December 2023




Megatron does not yield! He conquers!


Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud to present an amazing addition to our Transformers line in the Premium Masterline series: the 1:4 Scale PMTFB-03DX MEGATRON TRANSMETAL 2 DELUXE VERSION from BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS!


At a staggering 29 inches, the incredibly ruthless and strategic leader of both the Predacons and the Darksyders...Megatron proves time and again that he is an indomitable nemesis!!! After absorbing the Spark of the original Megatron, this Megatron, already possessed of a Transmetal body was thrown into a lava pit whereby he acquired a larger, stronger dragon form.


Prime 1 Studios group of talented sculptors and painters, whose strengths lie in realistic depictions of machinery and rendering a variety of materials, absolutely shine when they get to work on a character like a Transformer. Megatrons dragon form is the perfect example of this. More formidable and powerful than his previous form, Megatrons new body can breathe fire AND ice! Here, we see him burst forth from a scorching lava pit, fully prepared to deal maximum damage.


Prime 1 Studios artists have really outdone themselves with every panel, gear, and joint they have sculpted into Megatron. The figure is intensely rewarding to behold due to its minute accuracy, and intricate detail. From Megatrons devilish sneer, and head-mounted prehensile tail, to his well-armored, talon-equipped feet...this Predacon is a thing of brutal beauty! Furthermore, Prime 1 Studios painters have given Megatron a well-worn, battle-damaged look, over his metallic rendering, and realistic weathering.


Megatron comes with three (3) swappable head parts...each depicting a different emotion from the Predacon leader. Choose well when you display him in your Beast Wars display case!


Megatron displays his full breadth and width on top of this molten rock base, with intense lava, splashing with fiery intensity! And whats this? Poor Tarantulas...a victim of his own crossing swords with an obviously overpowered Megatron!


Hurry up and rush to Pre-Order this breathtaking Beast Wars Predacon today! It will not last forever!


[Product Specifications]

Statue Size approx. 29 inches tall [H:74cm W:64cm D:55cm]

Three (3) Swappable Head Parts

Beast Wars: Transformers Transmetal 2-themed, lava base featuring Tarantulas



Prototype samples are shown.

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


Transformers: Beast Wars Premium Masterline Megatron Transmetal 2 Deluxe Version Statue

Transformers: Beast Wars Premium Masterline Megatron Transmetal 2 Deluxe Version Statue