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Weta Workshop

The Dark Crystal Garthim 1/6 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: March 2023


So rich and visionary was Jim Henson’s 1982 passion project that it inspired dreamers across the creative arts, including a whole generation of film effects artists now working at Wētā Workshop. Released at a time when many of the Weta crew were young and beginning to explore their own creative energies, The Dark Crystal was an eye-opener: it was possible to bring imaginary worlds to life, and it could be a career!

Tools of war, devoid of thought or conscience; a soulless army animated by arcane means, devoted and forever chained to the will of their masters; the Garthim were appalling corruptions engineered by the Skeksis to carry out their brutal crusade against the Gelfling.

With a mess of black legs, a polished jet-like carapace, and giant destructive claws, the Garthim were believed to be invincible. Now you can bring that invincibility into your home with the faithfully recreated 1/6 scale statue from Weta Workshop!

This highly detailed statue features light-up LED eyes that can change colour between blue and purple, as seen in the Netflix series and 1982 film, respectively.  Created from a screen accurate sculpt, that includes the middle leg that hid the puppeteer this statue makes the perfect addition to any collection.


  • 13.38 inches (34cm)
  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of polystone
  • Based on the 1982 film, The Dark Crystal
  • Features light-up LED 
  • Screen accurate sculpt
  • Limited edition of 500
The Dark Crystal Garthim 1/6 Scale Statue

The Dark Crystal Garthim 1/6 Scale Statue