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Infinity Studio

The Batman Life-Size Limited Edition Bust


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Estimated Release: Oct 2023 - Dec 2023


Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, becomes the underworld myth of Gotham and unleashes his wrath on every criminal in the city.

Based on the official images provided Infinity Studio has done their best to recreate the design of the suit and the appearance of the batman from the movie.

With tactical armor, equipped with a hidden grappling gun, this version of Batman is aggressive but also defensive.

The bat symbol that protrudes slightly outward on the chest is also very iconic.

The base is shaped according to the official promotional materials and the elements previously revealed. In comparison with the righteous warrior, it carefully depicts the demon within him, and the fine line between good and evil.

The gargoyle figurine is magnetically attached to the main platform, which can be removed and displayed individually.

Infinity Studio utilized platinum-grade silicone and real leather, cloth, paper, etc. in order to achieve the best texture in 1/1 Life-size bust.

At the same time, the use of artificial eyes and rooted hair technology, makes Robert Pattinson's features and unique qualities stand out.


  • 36.61 inches (93cm)
  • Made of polystone, silicone, fabric, and other material
  • From the movie, The Batman
  • Life-like detail
  • Silicone skin
  • Real fabric cape
The Batman Life-Size Limited Edition Bust

The Batman Life-Size Limited Edition Bust