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Queen Studios

The Batman 1/3 Scale Statue (Regular)


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Estimated Release: July 2023 - September 2023


*Some Queen Studios products that we offer may have been previously released. Open Vault Collectibles has only recently been authorized to offer Queen Studios products. Previously released items as well as upcoming releases are expected to arrive at our warehouse location in 30-90 days.

Many Queen Studios items that we have available will have a marked down pre-order price, as well as an additional 10% discount for full payment option. 


The Batman, Gotham’s personification of vengeance, a vigilante who strikes terror in the hearts of criminals. A secluded descendant of Gotham’s richest family questioning his family’s legacy, the world’s greatest Detective stalks the streets at night utilizing a lethal mixture of mental mastery, physical strength and expert technology on his journey to becoming the city’s symbol of hope.


Like our Dark Knight series, we have attempted to recreate the same degree of realism for this 1/3 Batman statue. This 1/3 Batman statue has two realistic Batman head sculpts which masterfully capture Robert Pattinson’s likeness. The first has the bat wearing his iconic cowl, while the other is an unmasked head sculpt featuring life-like hair made of fine sheeps wool to bring the character to life.


  • 1x Masked Head Sculpt
  • Product Material: Polystone, PU Fabric Cloak

Product Size: 71cm H x 38cm W x 26cm D

The Batman 1/3 Scale Statue (Regular)

The Batman 1/3 Scale Statue (Regular)