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Oniri Creations

RoboCop (1987) 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Statue


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Estimated Release: Oct 2022 - Dec 2022


RoboCop stands 60cm tall (with raised arm), and will stand out in any collection. With the use of silicone, Murphy's face appears as if he has come to life.

With its two swappable arms, you will be able to display your RoboCop arm outstretched aiming at his enemies, or Auto-9 raised as he does many times in the film. With a superb armor paintjob that is faithful to the original material, each hue has been meticulously hand painted to give the character that unique look.

From the metal parts, to the rubber body parts, and the matte black of the famous Auto-9 pistol, every material has been carefully recreated so as to make the ultimate RoboCop statue.

For the base, Oniri went for something elegant with a ground part that could be that of a factory. Oil stains, and cracks caused by the weight of RoboCop bring life to the environment. The lower part of the base part is made from the patterns of the armor, as well as the OCP logo in the center.


  • 23.62 inches (60cm)
  • Made of metal, silicone, and polystone
  • From the RoboCop (1987) movie
  • Life-like detail
  • Features silicone mouth for added realism
  • Limited edition of 500 pieces
RoboCop (1987) 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Statue

RoboCop (1987) 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Statue