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Queen Studios

Joker (2019) 1/2 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: July - September 2023


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Arthur Fleck is a deranged killer. A product of the chaos and corruption in Gotham City. He envisioned a life where he was always smiling, always happy. A life that gave him, and the people he cared for purpose. On the brink of madness. Arthur Fleck loses access to his medication and fails to resurrect his career. Succumbing to his madness he falls off the knife’s edge into a murdering rage. All that’s left now, is to ‘Put on a Happy Face’.


As Arthur becomes "Joker", he takes to the streets and dances his way to the late-night show "Live! With Murray Franklin". To further celebrate this transformation. Queen Studios' artist have chosen this staircase dance as the pose for the Joker 1:2 scale silicone statue. Fleck is stood mid-dance, lifting his left arm into the air, looking more contented than ever. Joker is wearing his now iconic royal red suit, goldbrick yellow waistcoat and a patterned blue shirt.


This hyperreal silicone statue captures Arthur Fleck as he transforms into his murderous alter ego known as “Joker”. Sculpted with incredible detail, our artists have brought him to live using the highest-quality silicone and artificial hair painstakingly punched one by one. His movie accurate hand tailored mixed media suit adds the finishing touches as he dances down the staircase in Gotham City.


  • License: DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
  • Material: Resin, Silicone, Real Fabric
  • Size: 60cm (L), 45cm (W), 95cm (H)
  • Edition Size: 498
  • Est. Delivery Date: Quarter 3 2023 
Joker (2019) 1/2 Scale Statue

Joker (2019) 1/2 Scale Statue