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Hollywood Collectibles Group

Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Life-Size Bust


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  • Jeepers creepers, will you look at that face!
  • The Creeper as he appeared in the original Jeepers Creepers movie.
  • Life-size and almost too lifelike and realistic, this bust measures an imposing 30-inches tall!
  • Limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide.
  • What a magnificent centerpiece for your horror collection!

Hide your fear. Based on the cult horror film series, this almost too lifelike bust depicts The Creeper as he appeared in the original Jeepers Creepers movie. It features synthetic hair for added realism and comes with a themed display base that evokes elements of The Creeper's truck. Constructed from fiberglass and mixed media and measuring about 30-inches tall x 22-inches wide x 18-inches long, this incredible work of art is painstakingly hand painted in the finest frightening detail and limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. It will make a magnificent centerpiece in your horror collection if you order quickly so you don't miss out.

With a face not even a mother could love, this terrifying Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Life-Size Bust from Hollywood Collectibles Group presents the ancient flesh-eating beast from the Jeepers Creepers film series that resurfaces every 23 years to feed for 23 days, stalking its prey and collecting body parts, killing anyone and anything foolish enough to cross its path. If you hide your fear, maybe it will pass you by…

Dimensions: Approx 30”H x 22”W x 18”D

Edition Size: 500 pieces worldwide

Availability:  Now Shipping