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Prime 1 Studio

Godzilla vs. Kong Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue


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Estimated Release: October 2023 - December 2023 




Dad, Im telling you, theres something provoking him that were not seeing here. Why else would Godzilla flash an intimidation display if there wasnt another Titan around?
Madison Russell

Godzillas hits keep on coming, and they dont stop coming! Prime 1 Studios newest statue line will make your mouth drop to the floor!!!


Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to present a HUGE development in Prime 1 Studio Godzilla statues: the Non-Scale GMGVK-01 Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue from Godzilla vs. Kong!


At over 34 inches tall, Prime 1 Studios Gigantic Masterline Godzilla is a full 10 inches taller than the largest previous Prime 1 Studio Godzilla statue: UDMGVK-01 Godzilla Final Battle. This larger King of the Monsters lives up to his massive reputation! The immense size of this version allows for unbelievable crisp detailing and realistic textures. Our Prime 1 Studio artists have again brought their energy and passion to this massive version of Godzilla. In this size, Godzillas hyper-detailed scales, dorsal fins, and Kaiju anatomy have been sculpted to perfection. Godzillas face is visibly more terrifying as he throws out his enormous and iconic roar! Hes painted to lifelike rendering in realistic colors faithful to his film appearance.


Godzilla stands on a polystone base, themed to a film-appropriate, rubble-strewn, city ruins environment, clearly devastated by his thunderous appearance.


This Godzilla dares the Kaiju fan in you to GO BIG or go home! (Hopefully, he gets to go to your home!) Order the GMGVK-01 Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue now!


[Product Specifications]

Statue Size approximately 34 inches tall [H:87cm W:79cm D:80cm]

Godzilla statue on environmental rubble-themed base



Prototype samples are shown.

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


Godzilla vs. Kong Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue

Godzilla vs. Kong Gigantic Masterline Godzilla Statue