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Prime 1 Studio

Ghost of Tsushima Ultimate Premium Masterline Jin Sakai (The Ghost Sakai Clan Armor) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: September 2023




"Lord Sakai. You were destined to wear that armor into battle.” – Lord Shimura 


Prime 1 Studio and Sucker Punch Productions are properly excited to present a follow-up to our hit Jin Sakai Ghost Armor statue: the 1:4 Scale Ultimate Premium Masterline UPMGHOT-02DX: JIN SAKAI, THE GHOST - SAKAI CLAN ARMOR DELUXE VERSION statue from Ghost of Tsushima! 


Prime 1 Studio brings back Jin Sakai with a new, fan-favorite armor set: the Sakai Clan Armor! Obtained in the Ghosts from the Past Tale, in this Deluxe version, the variably 20 or 24-inch-tall stoic statue stands still in a slight breeze, surrounded by fallen Japanese maple leaves and ancient stonework. 


Prime 1 Studios sculpting team has had a field day on all the intricate details and unique characteristics of this suit of samurai armor. From top to bottom, this Jin Sakai statue is a sight to behold. Enrobed in Rank III Sakai Clan Armor dyed in Kazumasas Darkness, Jin boasts a frightening silhouette. 


Once worn by Jins father, Kazumasa, the armor looks uncannily fitting on Jin. His kabuto, or helmet, features deer antlers distinguishing him as a leader. His menpo, or facemask, presents a frighteningly demonic visage! All over this armor, from his shikoro, or nape guard all the way to his suneate, or can see each and every part, each and every scale and each and every cord that keeps this armor together. The high level of detail on this statue is breathtaking!   


To match the expert sculpting of this beautiful figure, Prime 1 Studios painting team has accepted the challenge of subtle shading, artistic highlighting, and precise detailing. The result is a piece of art that is every bit as realistic as it is fantastic...a source of pride for any Ghost of Tsushima fan! 


The Deluxe Version not only comes with Jin holding out his katana with his right hand, while his left hand is defiant with a closed also comes with two (2) more Swappable Right part, and one (1) more Left Arm. This increases Jins posing ability greatly! He can appear to draw his katana, or he can appear to stand at attention! This Deluxe version also boasts two (2) Swappable Heads. Jin can be displayed with or without his helmet according to how you want to show him! 


The Ghost stands ready to fight the invading Mongols on his fantastic environmental base. Jin stays still in a subtle whirlwind of Japanese maple leaves and ornate, moss-covered Japanese stone lanterns and posts. To his side is a Golden Bird, ready to guide The Ghost to his next goal. 


Have you seen the other statue in our the Premium Masterline Ghost of Tsushima collection? Check out the UPMGHOT-01DXS Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai, The Ghost, Ghost Armor Deluxe Bonus Version! 


Fans of Ghost of Tsushima will want to Pre-Order the UPMGHOT-02DX Jin Sakai The Ghost, Sakai Clan Armor Deluxe Version as soon as it make Lord Kazumasa Sakai proud and order it today! 


[Product Specifications] 

Statue Size approximately 20 inches tall without Helmet [H:53.0cm W:41.0cm D:44.0cm] 

Statue Size approximately 24 inches tall with Helmet [H:60.0cm W:39.0cm D:44.0cm]  

Ghost of Tsushima-themed Base 

Two (2) Swappable Heads (w/wo Helmet) 

Two (2) Swappable Left Arms 

Two (2) Swappable Right Arms 

One (1) Swappable Right Hand Closed Fist 



Prototype samples are shown. 

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice. 


Ghost of Tsushima Ultimate Premium Masterline Jin Sakai (The Ghost Sakai Clan Armor) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Statue

Ghost of Tsushima Ultimate Premium Masterline Jin Sakai (The Ghost Sakai Clan Armor) Deluxe 1/4 Scale Statue