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Prime 1 Studio

DC Comics Museum Masterline (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern Deluxe 1/3 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: October 2023 - December 2023




In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let those who worship Evils Might, Beware my power: Green Lanterns Light! – Oath of The Green Lantern Corps


Known throughout the galaxy as the protector of Space Sector 2814, this next superhero needs no introduction. Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to bring an amazing interpretation of the greatest Green Lantern of all time to our Museum Masterline Series: our 1:3 Scale Green Lantern Hal Jordan Deluxe Version from DC Comics!


Prime 1 Studio brings you a breathtaking, verdant masterpiece of art and form! Stretching up at an impressive 38 inches tall, Green Lantern flies through an asteroid field, manifesting his pure Will through the green power ring energy swirling all around him!


As the duly appointed Green Lantern Corpsman of Sector 2814, Earthman Hal Jordan is cocky and just a tiny bit arrogant but endowed with all the skills, courage, and willpower to back up all that bravado. Ultimately, thats what you need to wield a Green Lantern Power indomitable Force of Will. And Hal has loads of it!


Prime 1 Studios skilled craftspeople have done an exquisite job with this bright and shiny DC Superhero. Full of contrasting blacks, dark grays, and bright greens, this statue is a spell-binding spectacle! The interwoven, sculptural aspects of Green Lanterns pose and Power Ring energy complement each other in a breathtaking, space ballet that is a feast to the eyes.


This fantastic Deluxe Version comes with four (4) swappable head parts for Hal. Have fun displaying him with four different expressions on his face!


And as Hal Jordan is imbued with Green Lantern energy, so imbued is this statue with LED Illumination! Prime 1 Studio engineers have equipped this 1:3 Scale masterpiece with LED functionality in GLs Power Ring, chest icon, Power Battery, and Base effects! Perfect to display in a dimly lit fan cave!


Whether this is your first Green Lantern statue or your next will not be disappointed in this exquisite emerald emissary from the stars! Pre-Order him today!


[Product Specifications]

  • Statue Size approx. 38 inches tall [H:97cm W:49cm D:44cm]
  • Four (4) Swappable Head Parts
  • LED-Illumination in the Ring, Chest, Power Battery, Base Icon and Base
  • Green Lantern-themed Environmental Asteroid-strewn Base



Prototype samples are shown.

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


DC Comics Museum Masterline (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern Deluxe 1/3 Scale Statue

DC Comics Museum Masterline (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern Deluxe 1/3 Scale Statue