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Darkstalkers Morrigan (Deluxe Edition) 1/3 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: June 2024


"Come, look into my eyes... Now you're a slave of darkness."

Prepare to be entranced by the devilish charm of this fully sculpted Morrigan 1:3 Scale Statue, portraying the alluring anti-angel Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s beloved fighting game series Darkstalkers Standing approximately 33 inches tall, Morrigan hovers above a detailed rooftop base, an ominous Bishamon lurking from within, complete with weathered shingles beneath a gothic cross.

Morrigan’s detailed portrait captures her beguiling gaze as she floats, enveloped in her textured wings, with arms raised and legs casually crossed. Her soft-hued hair flows around her fair complexion while she holds her effortlessly enticing expression, forever lurking in the mind's eye of all who dare to look upon her.

The demon realm royal dons her iconic bodysuit and vibrant sleeves paired with her bat-themed tights. The PCS Deluxe edition of this alluring statue includes Morrigan’s faithful nocturnal bat companions flying below her in a trail of smoke. Surrender to the darkness and add the Morrigan 1:3 Scale Statue to your collection today!


  • Approx. 33 inches tall (83.82cm)
  • 1/3 Scale
  • Made of polystone
  • From the Darkstalkers video game
  • Highly detailed
  • Rooftop themed base
  • Deluxe edition
Darkstalkers Morrigan (Deluxe Edition) 1/3 Scale Statue

Darkstalkers Morrigan (Deluxe Edition) 1/3 Scale Statue