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Iron Studios

X-Men BDS Quicksilver 1/10 Art Scale Statue


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Fast as lightning

Son of a gypsy couple, Pietro Maximoff was born in Serbia but was taken to Wundagore Mountain. Along with his twin sister Wanda (Scarlet Witch), both were kidnapped as babies by the geneticist High Evolutionary, who subjected them to genetic experiments that gave them special powers. Pietro's powers originally allowed him to move at the speed of sound, but, as time went by, his superhuman gifts were improved, and today the full extent of his abilities is unknown.

Pietro and Wanda always believed that they were born mutants. They were rescued by Magneto and joined his Brotherhood of Mutants, where he got the code name Quicksilver. After disconnecting from the terrorist group of mutants, both sought refuge and redemption in the Avengers, where they were welcomed by Captain America and incorporated into a new team. For years he believed that he was Magneto's son, but he discovered his origins by facing the High Evolutionary.

Although he is an ally of the X-Men and has acted as a member of groups such as the X-Factor and the Inhumans, Pietro never completely detached himself from his heroic roots as an avenger. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964, the "Fastest Man on Earth" (in the Marvel universe), finally gets his comic book-inspired statue from Iron Studios, (and will soon have the mystical support of his sister), in a dynamic pose on a base with effects that express all his power.

Would the sprinter, who still believes that he is the son of the master of magnetism, be at the side of the Brotherhood? Only you, dear collector, will be able to give this answer, configuring your diorama as you wish, or even placing it next to the Avengers, because, in the versatile trajectory of this hero, he is always running throughout the Marvel universe.


  • 8.2 x 6.2 x 10.6 inches (20.8cm x 15.75cm x 26.9cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • Hand-painted
  • Limited Edition
  • Display the statue with others in the X-Men series
  • The X-Men Art Scale statues that are sold separately cannot be attached to the single Sentinel