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Iron Studios

Mortal Kombat Klassic Goro 1/10 Art Scale Statue


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He is a prince in his race and fights for the pride and glory of his people … and to tear up some bodies too! A great champion, chosen by Iron Studios to inaugurate one of its most awaited new licensed lines Mortal Kombat! Goro BDS Art Scale 1/10 brings the powerful character as the first figure in it’s new collection, composed of the greatest warriors of one of the most worshiped and legendary fighting games of all time.

Expressing all his fury and pride, howling and raising two of his four closed fists, the colossal warrior of the race called Shokan, general of the armies of the sorcerer Shao Kahn, is exposed on a rocky base that recalls the desolate terrain of Outworld, the original home of Goro, filled with the skulls of his enemies at his feet, with the unmistakable symbol of the Mortal Kombat dragon adorning its front.


  • 14.10 inches (35.81cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • Hand painted
  • Limited edition
  • From the Mortal Kombat video games