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Prime 1 Studio

Batman Forever Museum Masterline Batman (Sonar Suit) 1/3 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: Apr 2022- Jun 2022




I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I?


Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a new addition to the Museum Masterline Series: the 1:3 Scale MMBM-04: BATMAN SONAR SUIT from BATMAN FOREVER!


In the climactic third act of 1995s Batman Forever, Batman debuts a new version of his costume, the Sonar Suit! And now, Prime 1 Studio brings you a shiny, sleek, and metallic,  37-inch-tall Batman to celebrate this wildly enjoyable movie!


As usual, our skillful team of sculptors and painters have expressed their passion and dedication in their work by crafting a Batman with incredible likeness and impeccable quality! Batmans second costume from the film is impressively decorated with finely detailed appointments and a spectacular paint job! The unbelievable craftsmanship in his face is absolutely moving: from his lifelike eyes to the subtle pout of his lips to the natural complexion of his skin. Posed in an iconic stance, Batman Sonar Suit is ready to spring into action during the penultimate battle with Riddler and Two-Face!


Batman comes equipped with two (2) swappable heads: one is a standard head, while the other one features LED illumination in Sonar activated mode! Perfect for displaying in a dark room! His synthetic leather cape flows and shines, an excellent accompaniment to his mind-blowing suit. Batman stands on a Batcave-themed pedestal adorned with Batman Forever symbols.

This Batman Sonar Suit statue is the perfect companion to any of the other Batman Forever statues and accessories: Batman MMBM-01, Batman Gadget Wall MMBM-02, and Robin MMBM-03!!! So, what are you waiting for? Order it!


[Product Specifications]

Statue Size: Approx. 37.4 inches tall [H:95cm W:42cm D:40cm]

Batman Forever-themed Base

Synthetic Leather Fabric cape

Two (2) Swappable Heads

LED Illumination in the Sonar Activated Head



Prototype sample is shown, final product may be slightly different.

Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


Batman Forever Museum Masterline Batman (Sonar Suit) 1/3 Scale Statue

Batman Forever Museum Masterline Batman (Sonar Suit) 1/3 Scale Statue