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Queen Studios

Avengers: Infinity War Thor 1:1 Life-Size Bust


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Estimated Release: October 2023 - December 2023


*Some Queen Studios products that we offer may have been previously released. Open Vault Collectibles has only recently been authorized to offer Queen Studios products. Previously released items as well as upcoming releases are expected to arrive at our warehouse location in 30-90 days.

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This 1/1 scale life size bust is inspired by Thor from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War. The bust stands at 73cm tall and captures the God of Thunder with movie accurate body armor, short blonde hair, and trimmed beard. Created using state of the art technology and the finest materials, the Queen Studios team have spent countless hours on the head sculpt to capture the characters likeness with breath taking accuracy.


This 1/1 scale Thor bust recreates the God of Thunder with perfect precision. Each hair is painstakingly punched one at strand at a time before being professionally cut and styled. His platinum silicone is masterfully painted capturing Thor’s skin tone even down to the battle scars and pores on his face. Thor’s armor is sculpted to recreate the character’s strong frame, while the base is inspired by the Dwarvian forge and Thor’s involvement in forging Stormbreaker on the Dwarf planet Nidavellier.


  • 14.56 x 21.65 x 32.28 inches (37cm x 55cm x 82cm)
  • 1/1 Scale
  • Made of silicone, fabric clothing, and glass
  • From the Avengers: Infinity War movie
  • Extreme life-life sculpting and detail
  • Rooted hair
  • Custom glass eyes
  • Silicone skin
  • Limited edition of 366 pieces
Avengers: Infinity War Thor 1:1 Life-Size Bust

Avengers: Infinity War Thor 1:1 Life-Size Bust