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Prime 1 Studio

Aliens Ultimate Premium Masterline Ellen Ripley 1/4 Scale Statue


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Estimated Release: September 2023




"I dont want to hear about it, Bishop. Shes alive. Theres still time. 



Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are extremely proud to present an amazing addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series that has been a long time coming: the 1:4 Scale UPMAL-01: Ellen Ripley from ALIENS! 

From Warrant Officer on the Nostromo to Lieutenant 1st Class on the USS Sulaco, Ellen Ripley has remained the high-water mark for action film heroes for the last 36 years! Intelligent, brash, and direct, Ripley takes control of any situation going south. 

Blitzways fantastic team of artisans have scored a home run with this unbelievable 22-inch facsimile of Ellen Ripley. She looks both alert and cautious as she makes her way through the labyrinthine structure of the Atmosphere Processing Plant. At the ready, Ripleys makeshift armament is a combined M240 Flamethrower and M41A Pulse Rifle...arguably the most iconic science fiction weapon ever created. 



Ripleys jaw-dropping likeness is further enhanced by her impeccably tailored fabric accessories! Her shirt, pants, weapon straps, grenade sling, ammo bag, and M-94 Marking Flare pouch...all perfectly scaled fabric to her size. Ripleys pants zippers are fully-functioning. 



Following the Locator, Ripley navigates the narrow gangways of the Atmosphere Processing Plant, and here, Prime 1 Studios engineering really shines! Not only is Ripleys base reminiscent of the grimy, industrial maze of pipes and grates, but if you look down at the platform, the LED Illuminated floor recreates the seemingly endless levels Ripley has to traverse until she reaches the Xenomorph Queens Hive! 



The Ultimate Premium Masterline Aliens Ellen Ripley statue is as no-brainer a Pre-Order as its ever going to get! Game Over, man. Game Over. 



[Product Specifications] 



Statue Size approx. ~22 inches tall [H:55.7cm W:31.8cm D:30.7cm] 
Removable M41A Pulse Rifle Accessory 
Removable M240 Flamethrower Accessory 
Removable Fabric Ammunition Cross Bag Accessory 
Removable Fabric Marking Flare Pouch Accessory 
Removable M-94 Marking Flares 
Fabric Clothing with functioning zippers 
LED Illuminated illusion base 
Hadleys Hope Atmospheric Processing Plant-themed Base with many Aliens movie Easter Eggs 



Prototype samples are shown. 
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice. 



Aliens Ultimate Premium Masterline Ellen Ripley 1/4 Scale Statue

Aliens Ultimate Premium Masterline Ellen Ripley 1/4 Scale Statue