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Alien vs. Predator Grid Alien 1:18 Scale PX Previews Exclusive Figure


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In an alternate 2004, industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland sends a group of explorers to investigate a mysterious Antarctic pyramid. They arrive and immediately discover they’ve entered a Yautja hunting ground. Now caught between a trio of Hunters and a host of xenomorphs, the team must find a way to escape…or risk becoming prey or trophy!

There’s no such thing as an individual in a hive. Yet the Xenomorph drone called Grid quickly established itself as the alpha warrior in the pyramid beneath Bouvet Island. It killed the Yautja warriors better known as Chopper and Celtic…but not before Celtic branded Grid’s head with a Netgun! The Grid Alien 1:18 scale figure stands app. 4” tall, and comes complete with multiple sets of hands, a docked tail and wounded head from its encounter with the Celtic Predator, and a stand for posing.


  • 4 inches (10.16cm) 
  • 1/18 scale 
  • Made of plastic 
  • Highly articulated
  • From the film Alien Vs. Predator